Launch Your Journal with Us

We highly welcome scholars, societies and institutions who wish to launch a journal. The Publishing House of Sciences does not only offer you services as a publishing partner but also provides you a platform where you can disseminate information to a huge number of readers all across the world through open articles. We aim to deliver rapid, personalized and efficient publishing services while giving you space to decide the scope and editorial policies for the journal. As a publishing partner, we are committed to facilitate you in different areas of publishing like reviewing, production and promotional work for the journal. Detailed proposals for launching a journal or queries regarding proposals can be sent at

Copy Editing Services

Open access articles reaching countless number of readers should be understandable to all as well. We therefore publish articles in English and ensure that it is written in correct and lucid way. However, due to many different reasons, authors may not provide a well-executed research presented in a clear and correct way. If your manuscript lacks lucidness or contains errors, you are welcome to avail our copy editing services. We have a team of dedicated copy editors from a wide range of fields who rephrase your work ensuring correct use of grammar and spellings, lucidness and compliance to academic writing standard while retaining the meaning of the given text. Edited manuscripts are sent back to authors for approval prior further processing. For details send queries to