Benefits for Authors

Open Access
PHS offers the benefit of free online availability of articles published in its journals. People from all across the world can access the articles without paying any subscription or pay-per-view charges.

High Standard of Peer Review
PHS ensures high quality of the peer review process for all publications. Members of the Editorial Boards of the PHS’s journals make all possible efforts for sustaining and improving the standard of peer review process. They are not only involve in reviewing articles and/or recommending referees but also make important decisions to make sure that updated high quality research gets published in PHS’s journals.

Rapid Publication & High Visibility
Entire publication process at PHS right from the submission of articles or abstracts to their publication is not only efficient but simple as well. Different stages like article submission, peer review and production can be executed online which makes the publication speedy. PHS makes sure that its publications receive maximum exposure. The open access policy allows increased visibility of articles as anyone can easily access the articles.

Copyright & Permission of Re-use
Copyright of all the articles published in PHS’s journals is retained by the authors which imply that they can be reused or redistributed provided they are rightly attributed and appropriate accreditation is specified under a ‘Creative Commons Attribution License’.

Marketing & Promotion
A number of efficient marketing and promotion tools like social media, email alerts and ToCs are used at PHS to attract the attention of viewers worldwide. Though PHS makes all possible efforts to increase the visibility of each article, authors may also make use of any approach they like for promoting their articles.